Nairobi in the details: The different

Sometimes, you just don’t have a camera.

You know, for that time you’re standing in line with your milk and bread at the Nairobi version of a Wal-Mart, and the guy behind you puts a machete on the conveyor belt. (True story.)

But sometimes you do.

Over the next few days, I’ll be posting photos showing some of the details of life in Nairobi.

Today, I’m embracing the differences.

Hot dog

Hot dog is the literal translation – or so I’ve been told. It’s a phrase that should strike fears in the hearts of many, but it made me laugh. The dog(s) in question are anything but menacing.

Fat is better

Hey, I tell it like I see it. We’ve forgotten how good things are supposed to taste in the U.S. No fat, no carbs, no calories, no … anything.

That particular fad has yet to really catch on here. Until it does, we can enjoy cream, real butter and whole milk.

What can make it better?

Why, put the whole milk in a bag, of course.

Grateful dead

You can find the Grateful Dead bears in the strangest places.

Like the toilet seat, perhaps?


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