Wrapping up 2015, year of the sheep, as only a sheep farm can do it


We’ve had more than 100 lambs since Sunday, and the week isn’t over yet. Thirteen-hour days are the norm right now.

It’s fitting that a year known as the Year of the Sheep in the Chinese calendar should be ushered out in such a way at Blue Heron Farms.

There are lambs in the barn, the laundry room and the garage. I’ve tramped up hills and down hills and slogged through knee-deep mud to retrieve little ones. I’ve assisted some births and revived some babies and lost some.

I’m tired — bone-deep, what-day-and-month-is-it-and-what’s-my-name tired.

So, forgive me if I don’t party up the New Year. Those of you who are, throw back an extra cold one in my stead, OK?

2015, it’s been … unexpected. Yeah. Let’s go with that. 2016, see ya on the flip side.


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