Shiko’s story: Out of the darkness

shikoHer bright smile flashes and her slight frame moves gracefully as she breaks into a few dance moves, egged on by the other children.

Her name is Anastasia, or “Shiko.” She is one of the original residents of Uzima Children’s Home, which was established in October 2011. She is also one of many of the Uzima children who may never be placed back with their parents because of HIV.

In 2012, seven men raped her mother. Now, she is HIV-positive – and she’s never sober.

“She’s a person who has just given up,” said Fred Ojiambo, director of Uzima Outreach. Without the home, Shiko would likely be fending for herself – another casualty of her mother’s tragedy.

Ojiambo and those working with Uzima aren’t giving up on addicts like Shiko’s mother. Not when the promise of the gospel can heal their wounds and give them strength to overcome their demons.

But until they see progress – a life changed – the children will have a safe place to grow, live and learn.

For more information on Uzima Outreach, click here.

written by Rebecca Miller | SIM Media | copyright 2013


Please pray for the leaders of Uzima Children’s Home as they seek direction on how to provide stable housing for these children – as well as how to meet their spiritual and emotional needs.


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