Great joy is giving a child a second chance


Meet Alex.

He might be tiny, but he has a big personality. He’s one of 30 kids living at Uzima Children’s Home in Matasia, outside of Nairobi.

Uzima Outreach (“uzima” is the Swahili word for “life”) began as a drug rehabilitation program two years ago. Those involved sought out addicts on the streets of Kawangware, a Nairobi slum, walking alongside them and sharing the gospel.

Along the way, they found children living on the streets, orphaned at very early ages or abandoned. They found children sniffing glue, which can often lead to addictions to hard drugs later in life. They found children whose parents themselves were addicts and unable to take care of them.

In October 2011, they took in five children; now, there are 30, from ages 4 to secondary school.

This is where I’ll spend Christmas Eve and most of this coming week, helping with a Vacation Bible School program.

I ask you: is there a better way to celebrate the Christmas season than with such great kids?


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