In a week, I’ll be on my way to South Sudan

photo by James Briggs/SIM Sudan

That’s right. Next Monday, I’ll be on my way to Doro, South Sudan, for a six-week reporting trip.

Allow me a moment to compose myself.


I’ll be reporting on the work SIM is doing at Doro (pictured above), which includes health projects, housing, education, clean water and church ministry. I think that’s a pretty good reason to suspend Minute Monday for the time being, don’t you think?

SIM has operated from Doro for a while. But it’s only in the past nine months or so that it’s become a staging area for refugee relief work as tens of thousands have flooded the area to escape the tensions along the north-south border.

The possibility of this trip emerged just days after I arrived in Kenya. Really though, this journey begins almost two years ago. So, when I submitted my 36 kilos of food and supplies (see below) on Friday, I could hardly believe it. I am really going to South Sudan.

This week, I’ll share a little about where I’ll be living and what I will be doing – and how I got here. It’s going to be like a really, really intense backpacking trip.

Call me crazy, but I can’t wait.


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