Minute Monday: Things taste better in Kenya

More than a week ago, I set out to record the unique, common or strange things about Kenya through photos, “Nairobi in the details.”

I only meant to do it for a few days. Then, I kept getting ideas – hence a new weekly feature: “Minute Monday.”

“Minute” (pronounced like, well, “my newt”), an adjective, means “marked by close attention to details.”

The big picture is great. I like the big picture.

But sometimes, it’s details that tell the story. Through these posts, I hope to highlight something common place, unique, interesting or just plain different that makes life in Kenya what it is.

Occasionally, I’ll allow myself to engage in generalizations. Like: food tastes better in Kenya.

Ramen, the lunch of champions

Ah, Ramen, I have many fond memories of eating you when I was growing up. How could it get any better? First, it’s cheap. Second, you get to vent pent-up aggression by smashing the bag of noodles. Third, you only have to wait three minutes to eat it.


But little did I know it could get better.

The Kenyan version is even cheaper – and it’s spicy.

Bliss squared.

Going stir crazy

Ramen is great.

But coming home to this beef and vegetable stir fry for lunch, instead of Ramen? Fabulous.

It’s one of many perks to having a roommate from northeast India.

Awesome avocados

Speaking of Mars landings, let’s talk about avocados.

Really, it is a wonder that such a strange object could contain such a delightful treat.

Speaking of wonders, the avocados here can be the size of a small child’s head. It’s somewhat intimidating – but amazing at the same time.

You say “soda,” I say “pop”

The phenomenon of pop being cheaper than water has always befuddled me. Pop in glass bottles, however, does not.

Whatever the reason for the price difference, bottles make an eminent amount of sense: Pop just flat out tastes better in them.


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