It’s here! Kenya countdown begins

For the past year and a half, I’ve said it a lot.

But this time, I mean it. I’m moving to Kenya. Ahhhhh!!!!! My departure? June 30. I know. I’m tough on exclamation marks. But I’m allowing myself a few more.

For the past six months, I’ve spent most of my time with sheep. So, what do you think they’re saying about this development?



So, what do you think they’re saying? Comments welcome. (c; The best caption for each photo will receive a SUPER special prize.


6 responses to “It’s here! Kenya countdown begins

  1. I don’t know about photo one, but the little guy in photo two is definitely asking “Are you my mother?” … Or questioning how many African people his little body could feed, but I’d prefer not to think on that.

    • Oh, Katie. Hilarious. (c: After years of observation, I can definitely say sheep don’t specialize in deep philosophical contemplations. Ha.

  2. at top: “kenya! can i come?” “i’m only interested enough to raise one ear.” “kenya my a**. you exist to admire my cuteness.”

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