Why I ran 25K: Dorcas Ministries helps women find purpose

Each woman impacted by Dorcas Ministries is unique.

Through each story, God is at work. Ruth Omungo, director of Dorcas Ministries, shares another story of a woman impacted by the work of the SIM Kenya outreach.

Zaria’s story: Finding her purpose

Zaria (not her real name)* came to Dorcas training in 2005. She had just arrived in Kenya from Ethiopia and was not sure what God was leading her to do. She did our business skills training course as she was adjusting to living in Nairobi.

Later, God opened the door for her to attend Bible school. By this time she had become an active member of one of the Ethiopian fellowships that meets in town.

She started having a burden for the Ethiopian women in the church who had many challenges of family, finances and adjustment to living in a strange culture. She started a ladies’ Bible study to give them a forum to meet, share their challenges and pray together. Soon she started training them in the business skills she had learned. A good number of them picked an item of their choice that they could make and sell to earn some income.

Her heart rejoiced at seeing how both her Bible school training and her skills training were transforming lives and families.

But God was to surprise her further when she got a request to do similar business skills training in Ethiopia. She says that in her home country products such as cleaning solutions and soap and tie-dyed cloth are only produced by big industries.

She is now working with one of our registered trainers to perfect her skills and then hopes to go to Ethiopia and get government registration as a trainer in the various skills she is competent in.

Her passion is women and she says she will target women in churches. Who knows what other doors God may open for her? So, Ethiopia, soon Dorcas Ministries will be presenting to you a trained business skills trainer, one of your own!

But what is more, Zaria says as much as she learned business skills in Dorcas and is able to make money and train others, God revived her spiritually through the Bible studies and devotion time.

“Now people’s hearts are more important to me, especially women’s hearts; for when you reach one for Christ, you reach her family and impact society,” she adds. “May God help me to reach them.”

Let’s pray with Zaria that God will birth and grow her vision.

*The name Zaria means “helped by God.”

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