Why I ran 25K: Meet the women of Dorcas Ministries

I continue to be humbled by the work of Dorcas Ministries.

That’s why I am still seeking to raise awareness and funding for this SIM Kenya ministry. My 25K may be finished, but their work isn’t – and I’m excited about the opportunities ahead for the women who are involved.

Hear from Ruth Omungo, the director, about the goals of Dorcas Ministries and her story of one of the women. Stay tuned tomorrow for another story of Dorcas Ministries’ impact.

Message from Director Ruth Omungo

Ruth Omungo

Dorcas Ministries seeks to impact women in Kenya to become agents of change in their families and communities.

We achieve this through empowering women leaders spiritually, as well as through transferring skills and knowledge to them in various social and economic domains. 

The leaders in turn train others who also train others and through multiplication, we reach many. (2 Timothy 2:2)

Our aim is to ensure that women are informed and equipped, so that they can live significant lives. God’s way of multiplication has not ceased to amaze me through the years of running Dorcas Ministries.

Winnie’s story: The value of second chances

When Winnie (not her real name) started coming to our meetings in 2009, she was having challenges with her daughter who had just gotten a baby while in high school. Winnie was very bitter that her daughter had done this.

I still remember her words “How can my firstborn daughter do this to me?” Besides attending the marriage enrichment seminars organized by Dorcas Ministries, Winnie said she needed one-on-one counseling, and I had several sessions with her.

Through counseling, I came to learn from her that she had given birth to this daughter when she was in high school, and her parents did not allow her to go back to school. This forced her to get married to the father of her daughter.

But God had good plans for their marriage; later she accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Savior, and after praying for her husband for several years, he too gave his life to the Lord. Today, the husband is in full-time ministry as a pastor.

After several discussions with Winnie, she accepted that she did not have to do with her daughter what her parents had done with her. She talked with her husband, and they took care of their unplanned-for granddaughter while their daughter went back to school.

I had not seen Winnie since January 2011 when they moved out of Nairobi. In February this year, she phoned me to say she was in town and wanted to see me. When we met for a cup of tea, Winnie shed tears of joy as she showed me a card send to her by her daughter.

She had written, “Thank you, mum, for giving me a second chance. Through this I came to know about the God of second chances.”

Winnie’s daughter gave her life to the Lord last year. She also completed high school and is now doing a diploma course. She is engaged to a Christian man, who she plans to marry when she completes training.

The scripture God brought to mind as I was talking with Winnie was Galatians 6:9:

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

Want to donate?

Want to help Ruth and other continue this valuable ministry?

1. Click on THIS LINK

2. Enter “92164” in the Project ID field

3. Enter your donation amount and payment information

4. Be sure to mark it as “Dorcas Ministries – 25K” in the comments section

OR: Make out a check to SIMUSA with “Dorcas Ministries – 25K race” in the memo line. Mail to: SIMUSA Receipting, P.O. Box 7900, Charlotte, NC 28241


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