Countdown to 25K: What to bring for a trail run in the middle of nowhere

Sometimes, the trail is really obvious.

So obvious, in fact, that I had to take a picture. I’ve run a lot of trails – few are this well marked. I actually laughed when I saw the three blue markers, 20 feet apart.

Visually double-checking the path is crucial.

So is a double-check of a pre-race checklist. Especially for a race that’s 20 miles away from the nearest town and is only accessed by one road. (There’s a reason we’re camping at the starting line.)

This weekend promises to be an adventure. Stay tuned for photos, videos etc.

In the mean time, help me out. What should I bring? Runners – and non-runners – what’s worked for you and what you would want to bring?


2 responses to “Countdown to 25K: What to bring for a trail run in the middle of nowhere

  1. I love trail running 🙂 my list would include a hydration pack; multiple pairs of quality wool socks; sunglasses, sun block, duct tape (or band-aids) for blisters, vaseline, and some type of fuel — my list is longer than that, but everything else is escaping me at the moment. Biggest thing for me is multiple pairs of wool socks. I hate crossing an unexpected stream and then having to endure wet socks for 12 more miles. Good luck! Have F-U-N!!!

    • I hear you on the wool socks. (As a sheep farm girl, I say, hooray for wool! (c:) I don’t run in anything else – even with barefoot/minimalist shoes. Yep, check on some fuel, sunglasses, hat etc. Hmm … there are several fueling stations along the course, so I’ve decided to forgo the hydration pack. We’ll see if that’s a smart decision. Ha.

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