Countdown to 25K: Nature’s cross training put to the test

I’ve heard that the “Strongman” workout is pretty popular with professional athletes. You know, the kind where they push tractor tires around and throw kegs. It’s supposed to be a pretty effective routine.

If they really wanted a unique workout, all they’d have to do is spend a little time helping their friendly neighborhood farmer. I’m pretty sure it would cost a lot less than some gym membership.

I’m speaking from personal experience.

Let’s just say that during the past two months or so of training for Saturday’s 25K, I haven’t had to do too much gym work. When I first signed up for the Hyner View Trail Challenge, I knew my training “program” was going to be a lot different.

It was.

I knew I wouldn’t have to worry about upper body workouts. What I didn’t count on was a veritable baby boom starting the third week of March. In about three weeks, 200 lambs were born. (Stay tuned for more photos etc.)

In some ways, it was harder to get my mileage in after spending a long hours running back and forth from the pasture to the barn with newborns.

Take this (very, very rough) video for example.

Seems innocuous enough. One ewe, one lamb. Even the trip to the barn doesn’t seem all that bad, right?



I made that trip with ewes and lambs in tow so many times, I started dreaming about running a “sheep shuttle.”

All in all, it equals one of the most unique training schedules I’ve ever done for a distance race. Did it prepare me for 25k through central Pennsylvania hills? I’ll let you know.

  • Also, I’m still looking for more pledges to meet my goal of $700 for SIM Kenya’s Dorcas Ministries. Here’s how

2 responses to “Countdown to 25K: Nature’s cross training put to the test

  1. Your side of the fence is so much more interesting than mine. I did find a long strip of tar paper roofing the other day in the middle of the pasture, though, so are you missing any?

  2. Haha. You should come visit more often. (c; And yes, I’m sure we’re probably missing some roofing. That recent windstorm likely blew it off.

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