Countdown to 25K: 4 days to raise $475

Pay it forward.

It’s the idea that a good deed is repaid by another good deed being done to someone else. It’s also known as a “random act of kindness.”

That’s how Dorcas Ministries operates – one of the things that drew me to this SIM Kenya outreach. It’s goal is to empower women, mostly pastors’ wives in the Nairobi slum areas, where churches are growing. Through classes in leadership, business skills, marriage counseling and community health, Dorcas Ministries seeks to empower these women to be effective leaders, businesswomen and wives/mothers. The hope is that through this education, they’ll be equipped to minister to families in growing slum churches and in the broader community.

They’re paying it forward.

Four days left before my 25K, and I have $475 to go! For $1 or $2 per kilometer (or any amount you wish), you can help. 

Just fill out the form below and click “Submit” to let me know how much you are pledging. Thanks for your support!


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