Countdown to 25K: 5 days to raise $500

God’s timing is always better than mine. I’ve been thinking a lot about that lately, with the help of such things like my church’s sermon yesterday. If my life followed my blueprint, I would have been in Kenya six months ago. But I’m not.

Am I always OK with that? No, not really. But how I feel isn’t the point.

As I wait to book my ticket, as I spend my days working on a sheep farm, I’m living the life I’ve been given to live. And I’m learning as I go – things like … a little patience, anyone?

It’s in these times that I am thankful as well. Because now, I have the opportunity to run for a good cause.

In five days, I’ll tackle the Hyner View Trail Challenge 25K. By then, I hope to have raised enough money to fund the life skills education of five Kenyan women through the work of Dorcas Ministries. Read my original post here.

This SIM outreach’s goal is to empower women, mostly in the Nairobi slum areas.

Established in 2001, the ministry’s initial target group has been pastor’s wives whose husbands did not receive enough money from slum churches to support their families.

About 60 percent of Nairobi’s population of 3 million live in informal settlements or “slums” (like the one pictured above). At right is a mapping of the major slums.

How does this impact these women? The SIM Kenya profile explains in more detail:

Many indigenous churches have mushroomed in the slums to try and minister to the growing population there … Sunday offerings are not enough to meet the needs of pastors and their families. Although a congregation may try hard to raise monthly giving, it sometimes reaches less than $10. Because most of the people in the slums live on casual jobs, earning less than $2 a day, it becomes the duty of women to look for means to keep their families going. Pastors’ wives especially feel this need for extra finances.

Through classes in leadership, business skills, marriage counseling and community health, the ministry seeks to empower these women to be effective leaders, businesswomen and wives/mothers in these ways:

  • Spiritually – to “minister alongside their husbands”
  • Socially – to “courageously face the social challenges they encounter”
  • Economically – to “help supplement the family income through small-scale businesses”

Five women. Seems like a small number. But through their education and training, they become better equipped to go out, and in turn, teach other women how to be church leaders and businesswomen.

Thus, the circle widens.

I have already raised $200 – $500 to go! For $1 or $2 per kilometer (or any amount you wish), you can help. 

Just fill out the form below and click “Submit” to let me know how much you are pledging. Thanks for your support!


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