Sheep farming 101: The cast of characters

Shhh, don’t tell the animals, but I’m in charge this week.

Things are going smoothly, but the week is still young. But that also means I haven’t had as much time to blog as I’d like. So, instead, I’ll introduce you to some more of the characters.


4 responses to “Sheep farming 101: The cast of characters

  1. Hmmmmmm! Here you are having an analogy of a “role” reversal. You became the Shepherd, you are not the sheep of His pasture. You are learning up close and personal the important Spiritual lessons of the Shepherd’s role in John 10. I am the door/gate; I am the Shepherd, I know my sheep by name, they know my voice, a stranger will run away if the sheep are in danger, The shepherd protects the sheep………etc.
    You probably know all of this but what an awesome, reality played out for a week in front of you. Glad the sheep can’t read my comments. 😉

    • I’ve actually thought about that a lot – it’s an interesting lesson to live out every day. There is a level of dependance they have that I know struggle with. I don’t want to admit I can’t take care of myself, that God is the provider of all things. Definitely gives me a lot to think about. Who knew sheep farming could be sanctifying? Haha. 😉

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