2011 as told by a cup of coffee

I learned a lot of things as a newspaper reporter.

Like, caffeine is my vice of choice – specifically, coffee.

I also reaffirmed that math is not my strong suit, although covering New Hampshire town meetings and budget tiffs forced me to improve my skills.

With this in mind, I attempt to evaluate 2011 by some numbers.


As I contemplated my delightful cup of cappuccino from Friends Roastery in Salem, Ohio, last week, I realized something. I drink coffee almost every day. I often don’t just drink one 8 oz. cup either.

So it was with great trepidation I calculated 10 oz. of coffee a day – an average that accounts for some days sans coffee and some three-cup days. That works out to be 3,650 oz. or … er, 28.5 gallons consumed in 2011.

28.5 gallons?!?!

Oh my.


Now, this is where things get a little complicated. And I’m not even at the traveling part yet.

In August, I wrapped up a five-year career in higher education communications and marketing in order to focus on raising support to work with mission organization SIM in Kenya.

Since, it’s been a semi-whirlwind of part-time work including a three-week internship with SIM’s U.S. media office in Charlotte, N.C., and some freelance writing and editing.

Of late, I’ve been revisiting the work of my youth: sheep farming. That’s right, sheep farming.

More to come on that next week.


After considering how to tackle this particular category, this is how I figured it:

14,000+        miles traveled (including a road trip out West via this route)

16                 states traveled through/visited

7                   addresses I landed at for a week or more this year

3                   states lived in for three weeks or more


2011 by a handful of numbers. How many more will 2012 bring?

I think I need another cup of coffee.


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