Out of the depths

The secret mysteries belong to You
We only know what You reveal
And all my questions that are unresolved
Don’t change the wisdom of Your will
In every trial and loss, my hope is in the cross
Where your compassions never fail
– “Out of the Depths (Ps. 130),” Sovereign Grace

I’m no Joseph.

Genesis gives a thorough account of a life that seemed to get derailed time and again through no real fault of his own – and yet, Joseph didn’t question God’s provision.

Eventually, he’s on top of the world, but the likelihood of that would have seemed far away from the pit and the dungeon. He was wronged often, but when he had opportunities to point the finger, blame someone else or take the credit when things started looking up, he responded with humility and an absolute trust in God.

I wonder if I would have reacted the same. I doubt it.

The truth is, I stumble a lot; I throw a tantrum when I don’t get my way. I think I know the path my life should take better than God does.

After Joseph interpreted the dream of the cupbearer, the freed man promptly forgot about Joseph. Years went by. Joseph remained imprisoned. Then Pharaoh dreamed a dream no one else could interpret, and the cupbearer remembered the man who had foretold his release from prison. Joseph interpreted the dream; soon, he was the second most powerful man in Egypt.

Joseph’s perspective on his release? God provides. My response? “It took you years to remember what i did for you. Thanks a million, buddy.”

What’s that famous line? Oh, “to err is human.” Right.

But here’s the beauty of it: The story of God’s work doesn’t depend on any one individual attitude or accomplishment. It’s a good thing too, because I fall far short. Instead, I rest in this: My sinfulness demonstrates my need for a Savior. What a comfort that is.


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