Road trip: Livin’ it up in Rapid City

Sitting at Bully Blends coffee and tea shop in Rapid City, sipping a wonderfully brewed cup of Ethiopian, I’m content.

Sure, road trips require a lot of patience and flexibility, but at their best, they are opportunities to see a lot of country and meet new people. This weekend has been a wonderful time of catching up with friends, experiencing some of the things Rapid City has to offer and meeting new people along the way.

We managed to fit a lot of things into a 36-hour period, including a run through Canyon Lake Park; a 1,000-foot summit hike of Bear Butte; Armadillo’s ice cream; a couple of hours of pick-up soccer – all topped off with a thunderstorm blackout during dinner at the Firehouse Brewing Company.

We’re sad to leave Anna Ruth as she wraps up her life in Rapid City and moves to Arkansas to focus on building support. It’s been great to catch up with her though. In the mean time, here are some photos from our hike up Bear Butte.

The view from midway up Bear Butte

The summit


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