Road trip: We’ve been talkin’ ’bout Jackson

We slept in Jackson Thursday, but not where we originally planned.

No, after a somewhat convoluted switching of cars at the last minute, a longer-than-necessary quest to open a tailgate (tally one for “blonde moment of the week” material) and a too-brief rest before a 16-plus-hour day of driving, it figures that the final piece would be out of place.

But that’s the beauty of a road trip.

Let’s focus on the positives though. Just one day into the trip, we covered 992 miles and crossed four states following this route. We spotted 34 state license plates already. Go us.

Other notables:

– Ohio holds the distinction as the first state we crossed, also the prize for cheapest gas.

– Indiana, hey law enforcement, what’s up?  We counted at least 20 vehicles.

– Illinois, not much to report. Just that we didn’t have to go through Chicago.

– Iowa, well … Me: “I feel like we’ve been in Iowa forever.” Julia: “That’s usually the way it is.” A metaphor for life perhaps? Or just a commentary on my driving … Also, we passed Manly, Iowa. Amusement ensued.

– Minnesota. After regaling my friends with stories about our destination, the Earth Inn, which literally is in the earth, it was all for naught.

Despite planning ahead and making reservations, apparently the motel didn’t plan ahead as well, and we arrived to a fully booked motel. Never fear. We found a room quickly, with a waffle maker for breakfast and built-in hair dryer no less. We felt a little cheated that we weren’t experiencing a more primitive evening as originally planned.

Next stop: Rapid City, S.D.


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